Thursday, April 16, 2009


The climate in North Carolina makes it easy to garden, and we love growing veggies and flowers. Our gardening style would most charitably be described as haphazard (we never manage to chart out what we’re going to plant, and often are pleasantly surprised to find things we’d forgotten that we planted or puzzled by mystery plants that we can’t identify). Someday we’ll get more meticulous. But in the meantime, we’ve got a lovely crop of kale and mustard greens that have been growing all winter and are just finishing up now. We harvested a bunch of kale on Easter Sunday (a nod to the ancient pagan roots of this spring festival) and N. helped me blanch and freeze them. And by help, I mean he played in the cooling water and scooped handfuls of greens into a sieve to be squeezed out before I chopped them.

By growing our own greens, we are eating locally and chemical-free, as well as learning about plant life cycles and where our food comes from. Plus, they taste so good!

Next up: arugula and cilantro (photo by N.).

And here's a book we like on this subject: How a Seed Grows, by Helene J. Jordan.


sgaissert said...

I notice that "How a Seed Grows" is a "Let's-Read-and-Find-Out" book. They are the BEST. My daughter's all-time favorite was "Germs Make Me Sick." I personally like "Ducks Don't Get Wet" the best.

Jena said...

Beautiful pictures, and how fun!