Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Washington, D.C.

Recently Tim, spouse of the century, took N. to D.C. to visit my parents for the weekend because I have a big writing deadline looming. Fortunately for me, my mom took lots of pictures! Although we go to D.C. several times a year, this was N.’s first visit to the Capitol. He was very excited about it because he loves the Capitol's dome.
(N. and Tim looking up at the dome of the Capitol while the tour guide talks.)

They also went to the Air & Space Museum; N. had been there when he was 2 but didn’t remember it at all. He liked it very much, but was disappointed that there wasn’t as much about “Space” as there was about “Air.” Apparently, he was expecting more rockets, although he acknowledged that there wasn’t enough room for a lot of rockets. Also, he did not at all approve of the exterior of the building, since he is not a big fan of modern architecture, but he grudgingly admitted that the interior of the building was actually “fancier” than he thought it would be.
(Saturn V!)

Here is a building that caught his eye as they walked around (it's a famous hotel -- can't remember the name). Grandma took a picture of it for him:

They also went to an ant exhibit at the Natural History Museum and to an aquarium in the Commerce Building. And of course there were many subway rides throughout the weekend.

Back at my parents' house, N. processed the sights in drawings and Legos.
(Saturn V and Lunar Lander)

Plus: carousel on the Mall with Grandma!

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