Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Threshers' Reunion

Last week, Tim and N. went to the Southeastern Old Threshers Reunion in Denton, NC at the behest of our next-door neighbor, who knows about all sorts of old-timey things in North Carolina. The threshers reunion is a gathering of folks who collect and restore old tractors and farm equipment. There are also traditional craftsmen, a real working steam engine, and much more. Tim didn't take any pictures, but you should click on the link and then click "Exhibits" and then "Slide show" to see some amazing old machinery.

I was really disappointed that I couldn't go along on this day trip because I had to work. Five years ago I would not have believed that I could be as interested in tractors, trucks, trains, etc. as I have become. I've written before about how much N. learns through his passion for vehicles and I have learned just as much, and really enjoyed it! This is what makes unschooling such fun: as a family we are all learning together about so many interesting things, things that on my own I might never have pursued. I am looking forward to going to next year's Thresher's Reunion.

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sgaissert said...

We have a farm near us that operates as a farm would have done 100 years ago. Each year they have threshing, as well as filling the ice house, etc. The threshing really fascinated us, especially as fans of the "Little House" books.