Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I Did on Summer Vacation: Duluth

We spent the entire month of July in Duluth, Minnesota, where Tim and I both grew up. Some friends of ours there were going to be in Colorado in July so they very generously let us stay in their house while they were away. We go to Duluth every summer for a week and a half or so, staying with various family members and friends, and while it is always wonderful to catch up with people, it is a visit, not a vacation. But this year, the trip was a vacation, not a visit. And it was a perfect vacation in so many ways: we could shop the farmers’ market and cook our own healthy food, we could control our schedule and see family and friends on our own terms, we could do all the things we’ve wanted to do with N. in Duluth that somehow we never had enough time for in the past. Most importantly, we could see Lake Superior every single day.
The lake means a lot to both Tim and me, and we want to share that with N. Last summer we spent our last night in Duluth on the Lakewalk watching a full moon rise over the lake and when it was time to leave, N. began to cry inconsolably. He didn’t want to say goodbye to the lake and the moon. We were so moved by this that we promised we would come back for a long stay this summer.
So every couple days this July we’d head down to the lake to look for ships, throw rocks in the lake, look for agates, and watch the water. We spent hours at a time there, communing with the lake. It was hard to leave and return to our North Carolina life far from a body of water.
[The last picture above is N. looking for agates with his half-sisters Anne and Julia, who were visiting Duluth during part of our visit.]


Jena said...

Beautiful pictures! What fun. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm glad to see you are still happily pursuing homeschooling. :)

Mom and Kiddo said...

Easy access to water is so important to children. I remember loving the Pacific Ocean growing up as a child. I explored the seaside almost everyday. Even though we live on the Atlantic coast now, the type of experience my son has with the ocean is just not as free as what I had. I should try and search out more ways for him to experience it. Your photos are are great reminder.

Stephanie said...

I love beach photos I particularly like the purple misty looking one.

And I wanted to welcome you to Growing Naturally.