Thursday, September 3, 2009

Duluth: Parks

Duluth, Minnesota has great topography, a city built against a steep hill that rises up from Lake Superior. During our July visit we spent many days rambling in Duluth’s beautiful parks, hiking along the creeks that empty into the lake, examining the varieties of rock inscribed by glacial movements, learning to distinguish white pine from red. N. loved our park rambles. He climbed all over the rocks and struck out on new paths with boldness.

And these amazing parks were so easy to enjoy; the nearest was only a block away from the house where we were staying. Back home in North Carolina, though our historic neighborhood is beautiful, our neighborhood park is very urban and the barren creek that runs through it is said to be so polluted that we don’t dare wade in it. It was liberating and inspiring to be able to ramble freely for hours in Duluth’s big gorgeous unspoiled parks.

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