Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Say Uncle!

About a week and a half ago, N. became an uncle when his (half)sister gave birth to Baby F! We are so excited to have this beautiful girl in our family! Here are three generations -- proud Grandpa Tim, Uncle N., and Baby F. when she was 1 day old:

And here's me getting some precious baby-snuggling time:

N. is moderately excited about Baby F.'s arrival. He hasn't been able to hold her yet because of concerns about flu and colds, but I hope he'll get more interested in her as he gets to interact with her more. Since he's the only child living in our house and has no cousins (yet!) on my side, I hope eventually he and Baby F get to be good friends. For now, her birth has made him want to hear again all his favorite stories about his own birth and first year of life.

An as-yet unsettled question is what to call the step-grandparents. Anyone in blended families have suggestions? Despite all that gray hair I'm rocking at age 35, I'm not quite ready to be called "Grandma Fanny Harville." I want a name that signals the significant relationship I hope to have with this baby, but I can't yet imagine what that term would be, just as there's no good name for the meaningful and long-standing relationship Baby F.'s mommy (my nominal step-daughter) and I have. I hope something will suggest itself to us!

And about that gray hair, if I may digress entirely from the homeschool theme of my blog for a moment: I got my first gray hairs when I was 15, and started getting a noticeable quantity in my mid-20s. In the last two years, the pace of graying has really accelerated. Supposedly its a myth that stress makes you gray, but I wonder... I'm a little vain about the fact that I've never dyed my hair, so I thought it was really funny when last week the employee in my university library's new Starbucks who knows my habitual order (venti London Fog tea latte with whole milk -- an expensive habit I need to break) asked me if I dyed it gray or if it was natural! Does anyone actually dye their hair gray? From time to time people will tell me they love my hair and I always think at first that they are complimenting the cut and style and I feel pleasantly flattered and then I realize that what they are really saying is exactly what my Starbucks friend was saying: "Wow, you really have a lot of gray hair!" At least the Starbucks lady tried to backpedal by telling me that the gray actually made me look younger! Ha ha. Who knows how old she thinks I actually am and what she meant by "younger."

End of solipsistic digression! The point of this post is not me and my hair, but Baby F. and her lovely full head of newborn hair! We look forward to watching her grow and to getting to know her.


Mom and Kiddo said...

This may or may not work in your situation, but we chose grandparent names based on cultural heritage. While my husband's parents like to be called just grandma and grandpa (Boring!) my mother is mormor (since her parents were born in Sweden) and her partner is "Abuelo" since he is Hispanic. Friends of mine have also let their child's first pronunciation of the first name become the moniker. Grandma Joanie became "Nonie" for example. But then, of course, you are in suspense until they begin speaking!

Sherry said...

I know a couple of younger grandmas who go by Mimi.

Laura said...

Hi, I'm new to unschooling - so I've been reading all the best blogs and found yours this morning. I just want to say that the baby picture caught my eye, and when I scrolled down to see more, I thought out loud,"Oh I love her hair, I'm NEVER coloring mine!". It's lovely and real. What could be better? I'm 45 and mine has never been colored. I still think of my hair as brown, but the silver is catching up. I'm just going to go with it! I hope you do too! Happy Day, Laura

Fanny Harville said...

Laura, Thanks for your comment -- gray-haired mamas unite!

And thanks Sherry & M&K for the suggestions.