Monday, March 29, 2010


Out for an evening stroll, we walked past the house of a neighboring family; we consider the parents friends of ours, but their son and ours don't get along well and never have.  They've always rubbed each other the wrong way.

"I wish I was as old as O." (the son, who is 6 1/2), N. said.  I was surprised, because usually N. laments the idea of growing older.  I wondered where this sentiment came from, and where it was leading.  I said, "You'd like to be as old as O."  Norris responded, "It's a castle with the drawbridge up, and I can't get in.  O. and R. (O.'s even older best friend) are inside but I can't join in."

I was so moved by the aptness and poignancy of this metaphor.  I wanted to tell the college students in my introductory literature classes who don't see the value of literature, who resist reading: this, this is why we read! Stories help us make sense of our lives and express that to others.  Stories give us images, a metaphor like a castle that helps a boy think through the complexity of his adversarial relationship to someone who doesn't intend to be mean, but whose age gives him defensive strength, whose play has a sophistication that remains impenetrable to the young outsider's forays.

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Emily said...

This story breaks my heart a little; like you said, so poignant!