Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Learning and Games: Christmas Edition

Tim picked out two games to give N. for Christmas and they were a huge hit: Parcheesi and Squadron Scramble.  None of us knew how to play either game, so we've been having lots of fun learning the games together.  Parcheesi is an ancient game of strategy, chance, and counting.  Squadron Scramble is a card game invented in 1942; it is basically rummy, but the cards are bomber and fighter sets from both the Allied and Axis fleets.  N. loves World War II planes, so he loves this game (and, like Parcheesi, but unlike, say, Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, it is equally stimulating for adult and child players).  The game prompted N. to bring out his long-neglected sets of little American WWII planes and to draw the planes pictured on the cards.  And he's been doing lots of independent reading of the plane names and info on each card.  As I've written before regarding Monopoly, it is easy as an adult to forget just how intellectually productive board and card games can be for kids in the early stages of literacy and numeracy.  Equally important is the fun the three of us have playing together.  Hooray for new-old games!

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