Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reading Log

In May I collected a few of those summer reading forms that local bookstores and the public library give out to encourage kids to read.  I was curious to see if N. might be motivated to read 10 books from start to finish in order to earn a free book or a library prize.  But he most emphatically was not!  I explained the programs, but he simply wasn't at all interested.  He likes to read in his own non-linear way, which does not lend itself to completing a summer reading form.  And ultimately I don't mind that he rejected the programs; I am happy that he reads because he enjoys it, not in order to win a prize.

So, because I like making lists and keeping records, in May I started a log of N.'s daily reading (pictured at left) to replace the summer reading forms.  N. always reads for 30-60 minutes in bed before breakfast, so his reading has been easy to track.  While I record our read-aloud chapter books at Listography, I thought pen and notebook would be the easiest format for a daily silent-reading log.  There are no prizes, but it pleases me to be able to look over the log and see all the reading N. does. 

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