Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bed of Bricks

Tim gets the "project" bug in the spring.  Although we have two quite large vegetable beds in our yard (one of which you can see here), he was yearning for a third.  He and N. had the idea of teaching themselves some basic masonry techniques and building a new raised garden with brick walls.  Since N. loves old buildings and learned the different masonry styles a year and a half ago, this seemed like a fun practical extension of his interests.

It was a challenging project because they learned as they built, and it was hard to keep every brick in alignment.  But they had a lot of fun working together at every stage: planning and calculating quantities of bricks, mortar, and dirt; developing a rhythm as they laid bricks together; dumping barrows-full of dirt over the walls; and buying and planting seeds.  The end result is solid and some of the new seeds they planted last week have already begun to sprout!

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