Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Greens 2012

March was a busy month!

Thanks to the warm winter, our kale was bursting out of the garden, so we enjoyed one of our annual rites of spring: harvesting, blanching, and freezing kale.

In the past, N. has enjoyed washing, weighing, and bagging the greens after they've been blanched.  This year he did a huge portion of the picking.  He's a really hard worker and we had fun making our way through the garden together.

Tim, N., and I are ambitious and enthusiastic but not always successful gardeners.  Kale, however, we have totally mastered.  It's not fussy, and it loves our climate.  What luxury to eat homegrown greens nearly every day, year round!

Bonus reading: I gush about our greens in 2009, 2010, and 2011!


Adrienne Pilon ("A") said...

What a great part of N's education--all the gardening. PS would love to try some kale!

Fanny Harville said...

A, I'm happy to give you some kale if you want some to eat right now (we have so much!) but if you mean trying to grow it yourself, you should! I've been telling DF that. We buy our seed at Bill's Feed & Seed, just behind your campus.

Anonymous said...