Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Frank Lloyd Wright Doghouse!

Letters of Note recently featured a letter that a 12-year-old boy wrote to Frank Lloyd Wright in 1956 asking him to design a doghouse that would go with the house Wright designed for the boy's father:

June 19, 1956

Dear Mr. Wright

I am a boy of twelve years. My name is Jim Berger. You designed a house for my father whose name is Bob Berger. I have a paper route which I make a little bit of money for the bank, and for expenses.

I would appreciate it if you would design me a dog house, which would be easy to build, but would go with our house. My dog's name is Edward, but we call him Eddie. He is four years old or in dog life 28 years. He is a Labrador retriever. He is two and a half feet high and three feet long. The reasons I would like this dog house is for the winters mainly. My dad said if you design the dog house he will help me build it. But if you design the dog house I will pay you for the plans and materials out of the money I get from my route.

Respectfully yours,

Jim Berger

You must go look at the images of the original letter, Wright's reply, the boy's follow-up letter, and Wright's plans for the doghouse at Letters of Note!   We thought the gas station in Cloquet was the oddest FLW building, but this doghouse is even more surprising.  We really enjoyed reading about it!

Big thanks to Melissa Wiley for alerting me to this post on Letters of Note.

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alice@Supratentorial said...

This is fantastic! I have to show it to my husband, he architect. He isn’t a huge fan of FLW the person but it’s nice to know the great man took the time to design a doghouse for a kid.

Momand Kiddo said...

I love it!

Fanny Harville said...

This letter makes me think of Henry and the Clubhouse by Beverly Cleary or Homer Price by Robert McCloskey... The boy's voice in the letter reminds me of them.

Megan said...

Apparently he designed a cat house too. And it's available for purchase!