Friday, January 25, 2013

Field Trip: Salisbury, N.C.

(a historic house in Salisbury, N.C. that N. especially admired)
[I've got a few activities from 2012 that I was too busy to note at the time but I want to make sure to record on the blog for my own reference; this is one.]  Last March (2012), Tim, N., and I took a day trip to Salisbury, N.C., one of the older cities in our state.  It boasts a fairly well-preserved nineteenth-century downtown and a big, well maintained historic residential district featuring many, many Victorian and Queen Anne houses.  These, of course, are N.'s favorite kinds of architecture, the kind he draws over and over, so he was very happy walking for a couple hours around the quiet streets of this little city on a sunny mid-week day, exclaiming over towers and gingerbread trim.

This trip, along with our more recent visit to the N.C. State Capitol, is part of our effort to get to know our state history a bit better.  We gleaned a bit about this once-powerful hub city from the hour or so we spent in the Rowan Museum in downtown Salisbury.  We still have a lot to learn, but this spring day was a pleasant introduction.

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