Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Yesterday morning, I pulled the hair around my face up and back into a ponytail holder at the crown of my head.  (To properly visualize this, you need to know that I have big, puffy hair).  N. walked into the kitchen for breakfast, looked at me, and said, "Hi Mom, I like your 1940s hairstyle."

I hadn't intended a 40s look, but I realized he was right; that was just what I'd done (quite like the picture at left, only bigger).  And then I thought, "Yes! My 8-year-old son knows how women wore their hair in the 1940s!  Hooray for homeschool!"


Melissa Wiley said...

I want a like button for this post!

Fanny Harville said...

I should have said, "Hooray for unschool," because it's not like we taught him about 1940s hairstyles in some homeschool unit! Love those moments when I suddenly find myself asking "How does he know that?"