Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

Angry Chicken recently mentioned her girls eating up the Japanese pet-manga series (pet manga?  Is this a thing? I had no idea!) Chi's Sweet Home by Kanata Konami.  I was surprised to find that our public library actually stocks the series, so in my continuing quest to feed his appetite for comics and graphic texts, I brought home volume 1 for N.  He completely adored it and we've since made two more trips to the library to check out all 9 volumes.  It's not as text-dense as, say, the Tintin books, but nonetheless N. observed Konami's use of an important literary feature.  We've talked a lot about point of view recently and unbidden he told me that the Chi books alternate between the kitten's point of view and that of the adults, who often completely misinterpret the kitten's meows.  The kitten's thoughts are represented in English for the reader, but of course for the adults caring for her, she is simply meowing, and the reader immediately sees how wrong they are as they state what they think she is communicating.  This gap in understanding between kitten and people give the book a sweet and funny poingancy.  Unbearably kawaii!

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