Thursday, March 21, 2013

We're Learning to Knit!

I've wanted to learn how to knit for ages and ages, and several weeks ago my neighbor started a knitting club and began to teach me.  I'm so excited!  I'm making N. a scarf out of a soft lovely wool-alpaca blend yarn he chose and trying to figure out how to surreptitiously knit through as many boring campus meetings as possible.  N. picked up my enthusiasm and said he wanted to learn too, so he started on a washcloth.  It reminds me of little Rufus Moffat handing his wonky handknitted washcloth to a soldier departing on a train for the Great War in Eleanor Estes's wonderful Rufus M. (have you read The Moffats series to your kids?  They are the sweetest books!  We love them.).

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Adrienne Pilon ("A") said...

I've got a quilter over here, too (G) who has gathered a stack of scarves to sell or give away. Very soothing.