Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Great Summer Library Challenge: Update

I recently mentioned here The Great Summer Library Challenge for Kids that Erica at What Do We Do All Day and Bethany at No Twiddle Twaddle are hosting.  I was inspired by their Non-Fiction Challenges to spend an afternoon with N. at the library browsing the children's nonfiction section.  We didn't exactly follow the suggested activities, but N. enjoyed exploring by Dewey Decimal number.  He found where the model railroading manuals were in both the children's and the adult sections, amassed a huge pile of books, and sat at a table utterly absorbed in them. 

He wants to build a model railroad layout.  I've told him he has to be in charge of this project himself, including drawing up plans, a budget, and figuring out what he skills he needs (carpentry, electricity) and who among our friends and acquaintances can help him (especially with the carpentry and wiring!).  So he was thrilled to discover many books on model railroads at the library and has been very happy reading up on things like how to make tiny fake trees from weeds.  Thanks to Erica and Bethany whose library challenge reminded me that my son did not yet know how to navigate library resources in the old-fashioned and (I think) most pleasurable way: browsing the stacks.  

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Erica MomandKiddo said...

I'm glad you posted an update (even though I am quite late in catching up) and happy it got N checking out more books.