Friday, August 2, 2013

Cambridge, UK

After Skipton, we went to Cambridge for a few days, where I attended the British Burney Society  conference.  While I indulged in all things Frances Burney, Tim and N. explored Cambridge.

The first day they went to the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, where they saw cases and cases of rocks and fossils, as well as dinosaur skeletons.  N. loved it.  It was reminiscent for them of one of their 3rd-grade read-alouds, The Chronologer's Quest, an account of the dating of the geologic age of the earth, in part from the fossil record.  They also went to several college chapels: St. John's, Peterhouse, and Pembroke (the first building designed by Christopher Wren, one of N.'s heroes).  And they walked through the streets, byways, and greens of this lovely little city.

The second day, Tim and N. went to the Fitzwilliam Museum, an organ concert at St. John's College chapel, and the Polar Museum at the Scott Polar Research Institute, as well as a short visit to Heffer's, an excellent bookstore, and more walks about town.  In the evening we hung out on Jesus Green for a while; N. read a new Tintin book and I knitted.  We enjoyed being part of a large group of people picnicking and playing in the beautiful summer evening.

The third day, while I went on a conference outing to King's Lynn, the city of Frances Burney's nativity, Tim and N. went the short distance by train to Ely to revisit the lovely Ely Cathedral, one of N.'s favorites from our previous trip to England.  They were both so glad to have an opportunity to visit this wonderful place again, "the ship of the fens."

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