Saturday, August 17, 2013

Il Aime le Metro!

N, as we know, is a huge railfan and he loves the DC Metro, the New York subway system, and the London Underground.  So naturally a major element of our month in Paris for him is le Metro.  He's thoroughly obsessed with it.  He studies the map religiously, parsing the complex lines and systems and planning out all our routes (sometimes proposing the most absurd routes in order to take us on lines he likes).  Studying the Metro map has been one of the primary ways N. has gotten to know Paris.

We've long owned Mark Ovendon's Transit Maps of the World but N. wasn't interested in the transit maps of cities he's never visited.  I suspect it might get more use when we return home, however.  As I've mentioned before, one of the ways N. processes his experiences is through his imaginary world.  Thus, the Paris Metro inspired an elaborate map of the transit system of his imaginary world, which he worked on for days this month.  Every line tells a story!

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