Friday, September 20, 2013

The RAF Museum

Tim and N. at the RAF Museum
N. went through a major immersion in airplanes last fall, so when he and Tim discovered there is a free Royal Air Force Museum in North London, N. was very eager to go.  We spent a full afternoon there during our first week in London, and N. would have stayed even longer if it weren't closing for the day!  I wouldn't be surprised if we go back before our stay in England is over.  The museum has a vast collection of actual planes and models, a very compelling exhibit on the Battle of Britain, another excellent exhibit on Wallis's "bouncing bomb" (see also the film Dam Busters!).  There were many World War II planes from both the British and the German forces on display.  Even though I wrote last fall that I was sure N. was learning a lot from his reading about and playing with planes, I was nonetheless surprised to discover how much historical context he already had for what he was seeing at the RAF Museum.  This museum visit reinforced and built on the knowledge he'd been developing over the course of last year as his love of vehicles took a turn to airplanes.

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