Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hampton Court Palace

One of our first group outings with my students early in September was to Hampton Court Palace.  It was only a week or so after Tm, N, and I had toured Chateau de Vincennes on the edge of Paris and we were struck by how very different Henry VIII's brick castle was from Charles V's white stone.  N. is interested in the story of Henry VIII's wives and his break with the church, so he appreciated seeing his palace.  There was also an exhibit about various state beds of various English monarchs which was a good refresher on monarchical succession.  As a fan of Christopher Wren's architecture, N. was excited about the William and Mary wing of the castle that Wren designed.  And we especially loved the Mary Chapel with its organ played by Handel at the request of Queen Anne.  We wandered the beautiful formal gardens, marveled at the great grape vine, and learned about "real tennis."

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