Friday, January 31, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

(The week before all the activities started)
N. is involved in more "after-school" activities than ever before, and we're feeling a bit frazzled.  He's in a youth chorus that rehearses two evenings a week, he has ballet class once a week, he has a piano lesson once a week, and he has a music theory lesson every other week.  

I feel torn.  On one hand, N. is getting deeper into music and wants to keep developing mastery by learning singing and theory (and he likes the social aspect of chorus).  And a structured physical activity like ballet is both good for him and something he very much enjoys.  Yet he's lost some of his free time for drawing and creating, playing with friends, and day-dreaming.  That will return in May as activities wind down, but he misses it.  I wanted to homeschool to avoid some of the American culture of over-scheduled kids, yet we find ourselves here anyway, because N. has interests he wants to pursue and because I want to continue to expand his social circle. 

I bought the notepad pictured above at Anthropologie and every Monday N. and I write down what he'll be doing that week and schedule some tasks into his school time (French lesson, travel-journal writing, etc.).  The Wordsworthian Romantic in me hates to see a 9-year-old with a schedule and a to-do list, but this helps us all feel less frantic and assures us that there is (maybe) time for everything.  How do you handle the temptation/threat/inevitability of over-scheduling?

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CMR said...

hmmm--can you pls add "Gr. C letter" to his schedule? ;-)