Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Knitting While Travelling

On Hampstead Heath
I mentioned here last spring that N. and I were learning to knit.  A while after that post, N. got frustrated with the washcloth he was knitting because I chose a yarn with strands that split too easily for a beginner; he put it aside.  I, on the other hand, went crazy with knitting and knitted lots of baby and kid sweaters and mittens while we were travelling.  So much time on trains and planes!  It was perfect for knitting.

Although N. stopped learning to knit for the time being, he loved going with me to yarn stores.  In Paris we spent a memorable afternoon wandering through the fabric district in Montmartre trying to find a yarn store (that turned out to be closed for August).  Another day we went to the fabled yarn store La Droguerie, a colorful, cozy little haven tucked in the shadow of Saint-Eustache church.  After we marveled at the Gothic Saint-Eustache (and listened to a bit of a student's lesson its famously huge organ), we stroked the samples of yarn hanging from racks in La Droguerie.  N. chose a yarn spun especially for the store of recycled wool, linen and silk, for a zip-up hooded sweater (pictured).  We learned from the store employee winding our yarn purchase that its color had been named "la pêche á la sardine" (sardine fishery!).

In London a wonderful yarn store called Loop was a short Tube ride from where we were staying and N. and I went there frequently.  He chose all the yarns for the sweaters I made for his niece and nephew, for him, and for projects in progress now for myself.  We had fun exploring hand-dyed and British wools.  My knitting felt like a collaborative project we were undertaking together!

N. has expressed some passing interest in relearning garter stitch with a more suitable yarn (and his best friend is obsessed with finger knitting) but even if he doesn't, we'll always remember the fun we had exploring yarn stores on our travels.

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