Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Networks of Learning

A dear friend gave us Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language (1977) a couple years ago, and recently brought to my attention his Pattern #18: Networks of Learning, which reads like a description of my ideal home/urban un-schooling environment:
"In a society which emphasizes teaching, children and students -- and adults -- become passive and unable to think or act for themselves. Creative active individuals can only grow up in a society which emphasizes learning instead of teaching.... Therefore: instead of lock-step of compulsory schooling in a fixed place, work in piecemeal ways to decentralize the process of learning and enrich it through contact with many places and people all over the city: workshops, teachers at home or walking through the city, professionals willing to take on younger children, museums, youth groups traveling, scholarly seminars, industrial workshops, old people, and so on.  Conceive of all these situations as forming the backbone of the learning process..."
 It is reassuring and exciting for homeschooling parents to think of themselves not as the primary teachers of their children, but as the facilitators of their learning networks.

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Adrienne Pilon ("A") said...

I note a strong Jewish presence in this book (ha!)