Thursday, April 17, 2014

Music Theory

I mentioned earlier that N. is taking music theory lessons every other week this semester.  He loves music theory and understands it in a thorough and holistic way that is quite beyond me.  Tim is trying to keep up with him but doesn't really get it to the extent that N. does.  I've given up the pretense.

Here's a picture of the homework he completed for a lesson last month: 

And this is the textbook his teacher uses to reinforce the material she covers in her lessons with N.:

I'm so glad Tim found this lively and engaging theory teacher to work with N.  Now I wish I knew a way to use N.'s facility with music theory in his math studies.  I've heard that the two subjects can be quite complementary but haven't seen N. make that connection yet.  Suggestions and recommendations are welcome! 

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