Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"O Fortuna!"

N. joined a local children's chorus in January and he has really enjoyed it.  He loves the singing and he also likes the socializing.  In March the chorus participated in an all-day chorus festival that included 6 regional children's choruses.  It was a powerful experience to sing with more than 200 other kids.

Later in March his chorus sang the children's parts of Carmina Burana with a symphony in the region.  N. -- and all the kids -- were thrilled by the big booming sounds of this piece.  The conductor had to continually remind the children to watch him and not the percussionists banging the bass drum and tinkling the triangle next to them.  And who can blame them?  It was pretty wild to suddenly find themselves right in the middle of a huge piece of music as it was being brought to life.

Since that performance, N. has been working out a piano accompaniment to the children's parts, banging those big chords and belting out "O Fortuna," recreating a bit of the experience of the concert every couple days in our living room.

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