Tuesday, April 8, 2014


N. is reading a funny kids' novel from 1982 called A Word to the Wise by Alison Cragin Herzig and Jane Lawrence Mali.  It's about a bunch of kids stuck in the "bad" reading group at school.  They discover a thesaurus that their teacher says they aren't ready to use yet.  One by one each kid sneaks the thesaurus home...  I haven't read it but N. says it's a really good book.

I realized today that N. had never seen an actual thesaurus, so I brought an ancient one home from my office. I've had this one since junior high.  I think I bought it at a rummage sale.  (Someone wrote on the edge of the pages "I HATE DOING PAPERS!! JAMES T. O'GRADY" and someone else wrote "moron - writing on your thesaurus.")

N. was absolutely thrilled to see what a thesaurus is like and immediately began reading out words and synonyms.  He thought it was the coolest thing, which made my word-loving heart glow, shine, gleam, flush, burn, blaze, flame.

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