Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tout Ensemble

Over the past four weeks N. participated in a chamber music workshop for young musicians.  He played two Bagatelles by Dvorak (with two violins and a cello) and Faure's Sicilienne (Op. 78, with a flute player).  The groups had several rehearsals before their performance this past weekend.

I'm always seeking out opportunities for N. to make music with others because I think this is such a thrilling experience (especially rare for young pianists), and it enhances your musical development in unique ways to listen to the other musicians and truly make music together.  So I loved how this workshop was conceived: each ensemble worked together for two hours per rehearsal, half of that time with an adult coach, and half of that time without a coach.  On their own, without a coach or teacher telling them what to do, the kids had to talk with each other about which parts of the music they needed to work on, make decisions collectively about tempo, dynamics, and other aspects of interpretation.  Just like grown-up chamber musicians!  We were proud of their performance, but I think these collaborative rehearsals were the most valuable part of the experience.

I'm so grateful to the organizers for putting this workshop together!

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CMR said...

what a great experience! wish we could have heard the resulting performance. xoxox