Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who wrote the book on love?

 N. spent 4 1/2 hours in the car on a road trip with my parents in March, and apparently most of that time they listened --on repeat-- to a 3-CD box set called The Golden Era of Rock 'N' Roll, 1954-1963. We were reunited with a 9-year-old who was suddenly obsessed with The Platters, The Penguins, The Five Satins, The Elegants, The Monotones, etc.  My parents then got him his own copy of the box set and he's well on his way to having the entire thing memorized.  One night he and Tim stayed up late watching a seemingly endless stream of Chuck Berry clips on YouTube.  Another night was devoted to an old compilation CD of doo-wop hits.  I hear him singing snatches of these old tunes around the house, or when he's supposed to be going to sleep.  I admire and marvel at the voraciousness of children's passions.  It's not enough to merely enjoy something; N. consumes it single-mindedly it till it is completely internalized!

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CMR said...

well, not MOST of the time in the car. we did play car games and talk, too...