Thursday, June 5, 2014

Field Trip: Seagrove and the North Carolina "Pottery Highway"

Checking out the kilns

We spent a beautiful spring Saturday with friends exploring the Seagrove area, where the local clay has long inspired Native American, English, German, and contemporary potters.  We started at the North Carolina Pottery Center, an excellent small museum/ interpretive center that gave us a good foundation in the history of pottery in the area.  Then we drove around somewhat at random to a few of the 100 or so potteries in the area.  We started, fortuitously, at Ben Owen Pottery, where we were able to look at the kilns and watch Ben Owen III himself throw pots while describing his craft and answering questions.  This was the perfect introduction for N., creating context for all the pottery we proceeded to look at.  By the end of the day, N. was very interested in taking a pottery class!

Watching Mr. Owen at work

An egg separator!

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Looks like a fun day.