Monday, June 2, 2014

Field Trip: Streamliners

N. and I went to a special event last week at the North Carolina Transportation Museum called "Streamliners at Spencer," a gathering of historic streamlined engines from the 1930s to the 1950s.  It was billed as "primarily a photography event," which meant we couldn't get particularly close to the engines, and there were lots of (generally older, white, male) photographers everywhere angling for their shots.  The day featured a lot of waiting around in the sun and the heat generated by the engines as various locomotives were moved around for photos.  I thought it was terrifically boring, and I have developed a pretty high interest in train history over the years of my son's life!  But N. had a good time.  He enjoyed seeing various E- and F-units that he's interested in.  He tried out a diesel train-driving simulator.  He loved the displays in the visiting Amtrak Exhibit Train, especially one demonstrating the different Amtrak train horn signals over the years and listing their chords (our favorite was the signal that came just before the current signal in use; I think it was a C# diminished 7th chord).  There were model train layouts to admire, and old restored private passenger cars to tour.

N. also got to meet railroad artist Andy Fletcher, who kindly told us a bit about the paper and pens he preferred for his meticulous drawings of locomotives, cars, and cabooses.  N. was quite inspired by his work, and by seeing so many locomotives.  As soon as we got home, he immediately set to work on a drawing of a GG1 engine.

A "GG1" electric locomotive, drawn by N., 2014.

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Very nice drawing!