Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nonfiction Books About Trains

NPR recently posted a "a reading list for riding the rails," which inspired me to put together some lists of the train books that have played a major role in our almost-ten-year-old's education for more than half his life.  Here's a list of nonfiction books about trains, railroads, and subways (list of fiction about trains coming soon!). N.'s favorites are The Great Book of Trains, the books of O. Winston Link's photographs, The Cars of Pullman, and all the books about the London Underground. Parents of railfans, do you have titles to add to this list?

  • The Great Book of Trains by Brian Hollingsworth and Arthur Cook
  • The Age of the Train: From the Rocket to the Bullet by Philip Marsh
  • The Big Book of Trains by DK Publishing
  • Encyclopedia of North American Railroads by Aaron E. Klein
  • Life Along the Line: A Photographic Portrait of America's Last Great Steam Railroad by O. Winston Link
  • The Last Steam Railroad in America by O. Winston Link
  • The Great Railroad Revolution by Christian Wolmar
  • Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America by Sam Roberts
  • The Elegance of Edwardian Railways by Geoffrey Williams
  • Eat Steel and Spit Rivets: Norfolk Southern Employees Reflect on 30 Years of Change, Challenge, and Achievement
  • Amtrak: An American Story
  • Southen Railway's Historic Spencer Shops by Larry K. Neal, Jr.
  • Railroad Depots of Michigan: 1910-1920 by David J. Mrozek
  • Baldwin Locomotives by Schiffer Publishing
  • The Cars of Pullman by Joe Welsh
  • The Sea-to-Sky Gold Rush Route by Eric L. Johnson
  • The Missabe Road by Frank A. King
  • Railway Maps of the World by Mark Ovenden
  • Transit Maps of the World by Mark Ovenden
  • London Underground by Design by Mark Ovenden
  • The London Underground by Andrew Emmerson
  • Discovering Subterranean London by Andrew Emmerson
  • Discovering London Railway Stations by Oliver Green
  • What's in a Name by Cyril M. Harris
  • London Underground Facts by Stephen Halliday
  • Do Not Alight Here by Ben Pedroche

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